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The Harris Building

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The Harris Acquires Kingfisher Couture’s Rose Dress with support from the Arts Council England / V&A Purchase Grant Fund


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What's On

in with in exhibition poster featuring white text on a red background.

‘in with in’ Exhibition

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A collage of colourful drawings and paintings created by the Foxton Art Centre.

The Foxton Centre Art Group Exhibition

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An image of two children reading with their Mother

Harris KidsWhat's On

Toddler Sessions at St Matthew's Mission

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Image of a mother and son looking at a hanging mobile in the Children's Area

Harris Your Place

Love the Harris? You can help local people benefit from Harris Your Place by making a donation today.


Image of the Harris children's library with a mustard yellow chair in front of bookcases

Visit The Harris Library in the Guild Hall

The Harris Library has temporarily moved to its new ‘Home from Home’ in the Guild Hall.

Book recommendations and reviews, computer classes, Baby Bounce and Rhyme for parents and children, Lego sessions plus much much more…


Enjoy Online

A blue dress with multi-coloured flowers.

Kingfisher Couture Acquisition

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An image of ballads printed and published in the 1800s.

Preston Street Songs: Victorian Harkness Ballads Performance

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Image of a colourful drawing of seven boats sailing on the sea

The Harris Libraries Project: Phase One, HMP Preston 

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Image collage of three yellow dresses side by side

Three Yellow Dresses: The Muse, The Artist and The Alter Ego

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Grid format of five collections from the Harris including a Gucci skirt, a sea themed glass piece, a painting, a scent bottle, a historic book, and glass pieces.

The Harris Collections

View our exciting collections, many of the works of art and historical objects are of regional, national or even international significance.

Discover Something New

Image of a Harris Museum coaster, highlighting the front façade with the pillars and pediment features.

Visit The Harris Shop in the Guild Hall

The Harris Gift Shop has temporarily moved to its new ‘Home from Home’ in the Guild Hall.

Browse our range of beautiful gifts exclusive to The Harris Shop, your go-to place for unique handcrafted gifts from local artists.


Image of a Preston Bus Station Coaster on a background of an image of the Bus Station.

Gift shop item

Preston Bus Station Coaster

Celebrate the iconic Preston Bus Station with this stylish coaster featuring Dave Rob's unique artwork. The brutalist architecture of the…

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Colour changing gromit mug with red and black background.

Gift shop item

Gromit Heat Colour Changing Mug

This heat-activated mug changes the colour of Gromits nose when it's hot, ideal for your morning tea or coffee! A…

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A green flask with mechanical cogs in the background.

Gift shop item

Wallace Metal Flask

Stay hydrated as you sip from a lovely Wallace water bottle. It has a metal design with a screw-top lid…

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The painting of Pauline in the yellow dress as a print.

Gift shop item

Pauline A4 Print (unmounted)

Introducing the Pauline A4 Print - a stunning piece of art that will add a touch of elegance to any…

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Artwork by Hannah Sabapathy, Taxonomies Collection, Screenprint, Lacquer, Gold Leaf, Aluminium Leaf, Laser-etched Laminate on Birchwood, 2011. Image by James Champion.

20/20 Project

20/20 is an ambitious 3-year programme announced by UAL Decolonising Arts Institute.

The project will support 20 emerging ethnically diverse artists of colour to take up residencies with 20 public art collections across the country, leading to 20 new permanent acquisitions.

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A selection of enamel artwork created by Hannah Sabapathy.
Artwork created by Hannah Sabapathy.

At the end of their residency, Hannah Sabapathy will produce a commissioned artwork that will become a permanent piece in the Harris collection.

A selection of enamel artwork created by Hannah Sabapathy.

Artist Q&A Series

A black and white image of Christine Cherry.

Q&A with Christine Cherry

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Gavin sits whilst painting a mural.

Q&A with Gavin Renshaw

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Image of a large street artwork of a woman in a yellow dress

Q&A with Shawn Sharpe

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‘The Mental Riches You May Here Acquire Abide With You Always’

These meaningful words decorate the four sides of the exterior of the building, an insight into the enlightened vision of the Victorian founders.

Our Impact

Our Impact

The Harris’ Community Empowerment Guidelines

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Harris exterior building and the flag market below

Our ImpactOur Story

Equality and Diversity

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Our Impact

Conservation and Research

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Image of a collage taken at one of the initial school workshops which provided inspiration for “The Links of the Chain Are of Equal Strength”

“The links of the chain are of equal strength”

Close up of the “The links of the chain are of equal strength” mural
Image of a second ink drawing from the school workshops of textile historic machinery

Revisiting Preston’s Rich Textiles History

In collaboration with The Courtauld, a brand new hand-painted mural from local artist Gavin Renshaw decorates the front of the Harris Building during the Harris Your Place transformation.

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Artist Gavin Renshaw painting “The Links of the Chain Are of Equal Strength”

Aerial View of the Harris

Come fly over the Harris with us and see a whole new view of the Grade I Listed Building.