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Gift Shop Items

Browse our range of gifts for adults and children, including unique items made by local artists.

Title: Clay trinket holders

Small trinket holders £10, large trinket holders £20.

Title: Hammered Ruby Sterling Sea Glass Ring


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Viking Bangle


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Broach


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Moth Necklace


Title: Cottonwick Candle Co.

Cottonwick Candle Co. £25.

Title: Bus Station Mugs

Bus Station Mugs: £8.50.

Title: Happy Frank painted navy sign

Small navy sign £30.

Title: Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations

Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations. Prices start from £14.

Title: Beeches Chocolate

Small Beeches bars are between £1.75-£1.99.

Title: Joseph Travis ‘Views From Preston Flag Market’ Ceramic pot

Alternative view.


Price: £250.

Title: David Robinson Preston Postcards

Prices start from £1.50.

Title: Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations

Plates start from £14.

Title: I Love Lancashire mug