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Gift Shop Items

Browse our range of gifts for adults and children, including unique items made by local artists.

Title: Handmade Glass Bottles

Grace is a craft practitioner specialising in hot glass with an interest in exploring colour and form. She has has exhibited her work across the UK and won several awards for her beautiful glass designs. Grace regularly visited The Harris and was always incredibly impressed with the collection of glass that we have, this initiated her interest in glass. The Harris’ glass collection includes a vast number of scent bottles collected by Mrs. French, Grace has used this collection as her inspiration to create these unique Preston designs. £45 each  

Title: Clay trinket holders

Small trinket holders £10, large trinket holders £20.

Title: Hammered Ruby Sterling Sea Glass Ring


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Viking Bangle


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Broach


Title: Hammered Ruby Stirling Moth Necklace


Title: Cottonwick Candle Co.

Cottonwick Candle Co. £25.

Title: Bus Station Mugs

Bus Station Mugs: £8.50.

Title: Happy Frank painted navy sign

Small navy sign £30.

Title: Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations

Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations. Prices start from £14.

Title: Beeches Chocolate

Small Beeches bars are between £1.75-£1.99.

Title: Joseph Travis ‘Views From Preston Flag Market’ Ceramic pot

Alternative view.


Price: £250.

Title: David Robinson Preston Postcards

Prices start from £1.50.

Title: Phoebe Foxtrot Illustrations

Plates start from £14.

Title: I Love Lancashire mug