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Harris in The City Mini Series

Join Fashion Historian and Harris Curator Scott Schiavone as we take a deep dive on Horrockses Fashions ahead of the Harris in the City event taking place on Saturday 27th August at the Preston Market.

Horrockses Fashions: Fashion, Style & Designs with Scott Schiavone:

Scott kicks off this Horrockses Fashions mini-series with fashion, style and – of course – the history of the iconic Horrockses designs.

Horrockses Fashions: Fabric,  Colour & Print with Scott Schiavone:

Scott launches into the second instalment of our Horrockses Fashions mini-series with a deep dive into fabric, colour and print.

Horrockses Fashions: From Royalty to Regulars Lasses with Scott Schiavone:

Scott finishes this mini-series with a focus on the wearer of Horrockses Fashions, from the Queen to regular working-class women.

Keep up to date with Scott over on his YouTube channel or by following him over on Instagram.