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Welcome to the Harris Youth Panel page.

The Harris Youth Panel is made up of 12-18 year olds who help to shape the #HarrisYourPlace Project.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month in Preston Town Hall (near the Harris) from 5pm – 7pm.

Each meeting revolves around the question: “what needs to change for young people?”

Everyone gets a say, giving all of us young people the chance to shape the future of the Harris.

Fancy getting your voice heard and representing young people? Contact Kyra on: or ring her on 01772 905412 if you are interested in joining us.

McCulloch, Ian; Near Quang Tri, Vietnam; Harris Museum & Art Gallery;

Artist credit: Ian McCulloch, ‘Near Quang Tri, Vietnam‘ (1973)

Below you’ll see some of the arty things we’ve been working on…

Colourful collaged poster


Visual minutes sketch of workshop participant

Visual minutes of participants taking part in a workshop

Learn how to build confidence and speak in public with these short videos: 

To get involved in anything you see that looks good or to find out more about stuff contact Kyra who works with us on: 01772 905412 or email them on: