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The Banana King

Singing voices at the ready!  Join in with Steve Brown as he tells you the story of the journey that bananas go on before they reach you. You’ll also be able to sing along with the whole family, turn the volume up and get ready to sing and dance!

Cuerdale Hoard

Take a step back in time and learn about the Cuerdale Hoard. A set of Viking treasure found in Cuerdale in Lancashire. Hear the fascinating story behind the amazing 1,000 year old Viking treasure hoard you can see part of in our Discover Preston Gallery

Children’s Storytime


Storytelling with Phil Kaila

Find somewhere comfy to sit and listen to the story of a young African girl who learns that she must be prepared to work hard for the things she wants most in life. This story links to the special Mapokwe baskets from Zambia, in Africa, that are part of the Harris collection.