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Staff Recommendations: Young Readers

Whether you are young or young at heart, sharing stories and reading aloud provides numerous benefits.
We have started a tradition at the Harris where staff share a Younger Readers’ Picture Story.

The BookTrust Storytime Competition aims to find the best book for sharing with children aged 0-5. Over the next few months, our Harris team will be reviewing the nominees for this year’s contest. The next book is ‘The Horse that Jumped’ By Thomas Docherty.

Have you got out of the habit of reading and sharing stories? ‘The Horse that Jumped’ is a gentle story that will help you get back into the saddle. A pleasant light-hearted bedtime story which a young child should find very relaxing and hopefully sleep peacefully for the rest of the night. You won’t get tired of reading this!

Graphic promoting new young readers book recommendation

Haven’t been to the Harris for a while? Why not ‘nag’ your nay-bour and visit us together?

All the Bookstart Storytime Competition nominations are available to read within our children’s library. Place a sticker on our voting chart to show which story you believe deserves to win.

Image taken from the children's library

Written by Shakil and Elaine – your friendly librarians.