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Staff Recommendations: Young Readers

Whether you are young or young at heart, sharing stories and reading aloud provides numerous benefits. We have started a tradition at the Harris where staff share a Younger Readers’ Picture Story.

This book review is for ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

‘Lost’ for a good book this festive period?

We’ve ‘Found’ a gift for you from our wonderful selection!

A touching story about a boy’s quest to assist a lost penguin’s return to the south pole. Will they realise that they are not so different or should that be ‘poles’ apart as their friendship grows?

“The penguin wasn’t lost. He was just lonely.”

This is a ‘cool’ book to share with a loved one. You won’t get an icy reception!

Break the ice with this beautiful tale and manage the frost this winter with this heartwarming read.

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A graphic showing the front cover of a book, decorated with an illustration of a young boy and a penguin.

Written by Shakil.